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I love this style, but . . .
by Peg on 4/29/2014
I bought this for an active cruise vacation and loved the style and construction, BUT the leather trim began to fray after a few hours' wear. (The bag stayed in the cabin most of the time.) Please try again with the leather.
Nice bag
by Suzanne on 5/15/2014
I like the look and shape of the bag. Lots of nice pockets and places to store things. I have had several compliments, including one from my husband! My one complaints is that the PU leather trim on the side where the strap latches is already showing wear and fraying. I've had the bag less than two months, so I'm worried about how it's going to hold up.
Almost Perfect!
by Susanna on 8/16/2014
I love this bag - it carries everything I need in a stylish compact package. However, my bag had the same fraying issue with the trim at the top. Haiku has a great warranty for their bags. I sent my bag to the address the customer service person provided, I was surprised and delighted with the quick return of now a perfect bag.

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