spring & summer inspiration Leaf

Spring & Summer Inspiration

Our larger Spring/Summer theme is to not just live, but Live Bright every day.

Bring light and positivity to yourself and those around you.


Every Haiku collection is inspired from a time and place celebrating the natural world.

We were drawn to the invigorating waters and landscapes along the Pacific coastline for Spring/Summer 2014.

We chose colors and elements that spoke to the rugged and stunning coasts:



Everything needs water to thrive.

We felt by making this our lining print, it would constantly remind us of water's beauty and nourish the life of each bag.

You will love the aqua-colored hand drawn waves inspired by traditional Japanese block prints of water.



Seabirds effortlessly navigating both land and water, inspiring levity, precision and the ability to take flight.

(Used on Bittersweet, Apple and Coral Feather Print. We used both Cairn and Feather elements together on Midnight and Black color ways.)


Cairn: /ke(ə)rn/

A cairn is human-made pile of stones built as a memorial or landmark, typically on a hilltop, skyline or to mark a path through terrain where a trail is difficult to traverse. We love the idea of building temporary rock stacks to signify an occasion or to serve as a guide for others. The art of balancing stones is fascinating. We encourage you to try.

(Used on Raspberry, Sea Glass and Midnight Cairn Print. We used both Cairn and Feather elements together on Midnight and Black color ways.)


From our roots, from a place of balance, we explore.

We flow. We take flight.

Cairn – grounded and balanced.

Water – playful and energizing.

Feather – light and strong.


We hope that our 2014 Spring/Summer collection inspires you to Live Bright and to carry nature with you.


Summer afternoon

Waves climb sand toward the sun

Balanced stone takes flight