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  • Go zipping around Explore a bright universe You are limitless (unlike your credit card)


  • A great odyssey Everything I need in tow What will the day bring


  • Excursions abound Siesta then promenade Oh how life should be


  • Awaken and leap Crisp air beckons from outside Nothing slows you down


  • Mimimize make haste To a park with crunchy leaves Romp through the forest


  • Carry-it-all bag Errands beach weekend hauler All day every day


  • Simply elegant Need it for everyday Bucket is your bag


  • Running around town Let's meet for a glass of wine Laugh sip we unwind


  • Wandering we go Aimless or with a purpose My bag and I know


  • The current takes you Get lost in the familiar Light as a feather